Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I uploaded the animations to Filefront for you to view. I attempted to upload to youtube, but after spending all day uploading the files could not be converted! and they are too big to upload using the blogger video upload. this was the only other thing I could think of doing.I don't know why this happened, as I used Fraps to record the animations, and made them "half-size" so that they weren't 700MB like the first time, and Fraps makes .avi files which should work. I am confused but I hope this is ok.
KERR ELEVATOR: http://www.filefront.com/16800961/Kerr.avi
KELLER ELEVATOR: http://www.filefront.com/16800923/Keller%20%281%29.avi








Kerr Elevator UP: h
Kerr Elevator DOWN: j
Keller Elevator UP: q
Keller Elevator DOWN: r

floating platform (meeting space): l (that is L not i)
i couldnt figure out how to make the platform move constantly so i had to make it a triggered movement, but it didnt work very well because of the table on top of it, but i think that when you look at the environment you can tell it is meant to be floating anyway.


Miranda Kerr’s space is ironically shaped like an engagement ring, because there have been a lot of rumors about supposed marriage proposals in the Press, but these rumors were not true and Kerr is a very independent woman starting her own organic skincare range. The office is white, which represents her virginal venture into the business world, and her young age, and the space is placed on a rock to compliment the fact that the business is organic and natural skin care range.

This is a view from the top of Miranda Kerr’s elevator and it shows Kerr’s and Keller’s bridges. Since this is business a new and foreign experience for Kerr, the office looks unnatural and strange sitting on the top of the rock, and the bridge and pathways are “straight and narrow” but zigzagged and confused because of the rumors from the Press that come with being famous and powerful. Kerr’s elevator is simple (with the plain, organic colour of green as her skin care line is 'organic') and resembles the shape of the office space and carries on from the bridge and pathways elegantly, like a model.

This is a low angle image of the table in the meeting area. The platform floats on the water at the shore and the colour resembles the colour of the ocean. When designing the table I took into account that this was the place the two would meet, the only place that they would be connected, and I referred to Keller and her influence on people, and Kerr and her independence. Therefore Keller’s seat (right side) influences the overall shape of the table, whereas Kerr’s seat is independent from the table, but still is in the same shape as Keller’s seat as neither woman is more powerful than the other, they are just powerful in different ways.

This is a view from the inside of Keller’s office space. The large window is coloured with the natural texture of the rock surrounding the space as this works well with the idea of the parasitic form. The space looks like it is part of the rock formation, and influences the overall shape in a powerful way. Deliberately, it is difficult to see the geometry of the office well, because Keller managed to be part of society and influenced it too, making the rock a metaphor for society. Kerr's elevator is located on the corner of her bridge, and is in the same shape as her office space, and the colour of it was derived from colours of the rock formation surrounding it for this same reason.

My main ideas of power about Helen Keller was that she struggled with language, but it became her 'utopia', and she managed to become part of society, and influence it, so the business I chose for Keller to be doing while in this office was to develop a novel, which will continue to influence people. When thinking about power in relation to Miranda Kerr I refer to the fact that she is currently developing her own organic skin care range, which is her first independent business venture, so independence is the main aspect of power for Kerr in my scheme.